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A valuable package of employee benefits is essential for attracting the best talent.  And presenting and communicating those benefits with a stylish and intuitive platform ensures that your business stands out from the crowd, establishing you as an employer of choice.  

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The Fair Care approach

Visionary employers think of employees in the same way as they think of their customers, and ensure that employee benefits are targeted, consistent and of high quality. 

Fair Care has extensive experience in the delivery of highly valued employee benefit platforms, empowering any employer to engage effectively and professionally with their employees.

Why Choose Us

Flexible employee benefits: flexible for any employer

How do your employees feel about working for you or your company? Are they loyal, engaged and inspired? Do you know which flexible employee benefits would make a difference to your team and get them excited? And do your employees know what benefits you offer, what they’re really worth and how to access them? 

Flexible benefits: they make a difference

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, or what sector you’re in, flexible employee benefits make a difference to your bottom line. They improve staff retention and morale and help consolidate your team’s engagement. The great news is that means greater productivity, lower recruitment costs and a happier, healthier workplace.

At Fair Care we deliver highly valued packages of employee benefits and communicate & administer them through our class-leading flexible benefits platforms, Flex Genius, perkpal and Benefit Select

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