Integrated Total Reward Statements

Employees often underestimate or don’t understand the value of their benefits. And that can make it hard to get them really engaged in the process. So in addition to our Benefit Select platform we’ve also introduced our integrated Total Reward Statements.

We appreciate you and your employees are busy so the integrated Total Reward Statements make things really quick and easy. At a glance your employees will be able to see from their statement their basic salary, their employer pension contributions, the value of a company car or allowance, private medical insurance (PMI), other insurance and protection products, shares, bonus payments and the value of any other perks that are quantifiable. That in turn makes it easy for them to get a really good understanding of what their benefits are actually worth.

The integrated Total Reward Statements are usually issued annually, and therefore are also a good way of communicating any changes or enhancements to your benefits package. And combined with our Benefit Select platform, it makes employee benefits simple, efficient and seamless.