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Global Benefit Management

Approaches to how multinational companies manage their employee benefits have varied historically from full central control to complete localisation. However, there are now increasing numbers of multinationals that are developing centralised management strategies for their employee benefits.

Taking a centralised approach not only provides an organisation increased governance it can also help to manage costs by leveraging efficiencies which might otherwise be missed by reviewing their employee benefits on a purely local basis. This can be a key advantage if a multinational has to avoid downsizing strategies.

Whilst improving governance and cost management within employee benefit provision are important corporate objectives, one of the most important objectives is employee engagement. If employees understand and indeed value the benefits a company provides then the return on the investment made will be greater with increased attraction and maintenance of quality staff.

Companies invest in their external brand making their customers aware of the benefits of their product or services but many either don’t or effectively invest in their internal brand,communicating the benefits of working for the company to their employees.

This can be a particular challenge for global organisations, however advances in technology enables companies to leverage their internal brand globally, providing powerful and effective employee communication. Employees are able to feel like global citizens in their organisation and value the benefits they are provided with.

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