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Employee Engagement - New Generation

Its employee engagement but not as we know it!

Employee engagement has always been top of most HR Managers' agendas. Employers want to attract and maintain the very best staff - but are they getting the best return on their investment if their employees are not engaged?

That challenge is becoming even more dynamic with Gen-Y employees.

Gen-Y or the millennial generation (births from 1982 – 2000) are growing in the workforce as baby boomers are retiring and so employers need to develop new ways to engage employees to take into account the generational differences.

 One key area is that Gen-Y employees are skilled in technology, masters of digital communication; they have grown up in an age where information has become available instantly.

 That annual paper statement, that the baby boomers are used to, is far too infrequent and inaccessible for Gen-Y employees. Gen-Y employees desire more choice and flexibility when it comes to benefits, rather than the traditional “vanilla” approach that kept the boomers engaged.

Their interest lies in more of a preventative rather than a pure curative approach to benefits. They are looking for benefits that help them have healthier life styles to live longer rather than just relying on a medical policy or life assurance. As a result wellness strategies are a growing trend.

As we all know the world is getting smaller and Gen-Y employees are more alike than their boomer generation counterparts in their needs wherever they are in the world so this is a global challenge for multinationals.

The need for flexible technology that can be delivered globally is an increasingly important part of an HR’s toolbox. Technology that can communicate a wide variety of benefits interactively, in local languages, across multiple media platforms will help companies develop that next generation strategy.

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