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ARR! - Award, Reward and Recognise.... A technology solution


ARR! - Award, Reward and Recognise.... Ignoring the key behavioural needs of employees can prove costly, resulting in low productivity, high staff turnover and general dissatisfaction. Most organisations are completely dependent on their managers to deliver the messages that drive behaviour. Good managers (those with common sense, a degree of sensitivity and an understanding of basic psychology) can make a massive difference to morale. However, as businesses grow and lines of communication become devolved, it can become hard to maintain the consistency in management and the corporate messages can become diluted.

Fair Care can provide the solution - Welcome to ARR! technology (award, reward and recognise), which can deliver a wide spectrum of solutions, from a simple, event-driven points system, through to a comprehensive rewards programme, driving behavioural change in accordance with pre-determined company values.

ARR! which will be officially launched in March 2016, will be available on a standalone basis, or as an integrated module within Benefit Select.

Please contact Fair Care on 0800 652 4745 or by email to [email protected] for more information.