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Operating in a joined up world

How many passwords do your employees need to remember?

How about this:

  • one to log in to the company network
  • one for the HR system
  • one to get their electronic payslip
  • one to learn more about their pension
  • one to access flexible benefits

....and the list goes on.

Single-sign-on protocols ('SSO') can overcome some of the issues, by creating seamless links between one provider and another, but setting this up can be costly and with modern security requirements, often more difficult than you would think.

Integrated, multi-functional workplace technology is the way forward.  With one database driving all the modules, integrity of data is maximised and duplication of data entry is avoided.

Fair Care's flexible benefits portal, Benefit Select, is based on the Avantus technology platform which has integration at its core.  As well as flexible benefit management, features include a full suite of HR management tools, financial calculators, plus fully-configurable reward and recognition programmes.

For further information about working in the joined up world, contact Fair Care on 0800 652 4745 or by email to [email protected].