No matter where you are in the UK, your employees can now have access to one of over 2,700 gyms and health clubs, and thanks to our Health Club & Wellbeing Scheme, they are only charged the lowest corporate membership rates. That's not all, because in addition to their gym discount, employees also have the freedom to access a range of online wellness & lifestyle assessments as well as targeted health and fitness advice.

Health Club and Wellbeing Scheme

Our Health and Wellbeing Scheme is easy to implement, meaning no admin necessary on your part. We'll even educate your employees about it, and make sure that your logo and details are branded onto every piece of promotional material. It's never been easier to implement employee gym discounts!


Designed around ease-of-use, the Health and Wellbeing scheme has many features to simplify the process for employees. Your employees can easily locate local participating clubs offering the facilities they require through our unique Health Club Finder Tool, and if they have a preference for a health club not signed up to the scheme, they can refer them and we’ll do our best to bring them onboard. In addition, employees also have access to healthy eating tips and advice as well as discounted rates on Tesco Diets, which offer a range of weight loss and healthy eating plans. Discounts and special rates are also available at brands such as Abel & Cole, Weightwatchers, Golfbreaks.com, Comet, Ultim8 Fitness, Ticketmaster and Champneys Health Resorts.

Not only does our scheme show your employees their company cares about their welfare, healthier employees also perform more productively.

Here are three reasons why exercise is crucial to company success:

Active Employees Take Less Absences

In the long term, healthy, active employees generally get sick less often, and thus have to take less sick days. A recent study published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine showed companies that pushed employees to incorporate just 2.5hrs of exercise a week into their lifestyle saw a significant reduction in absences. 

Exercise Can Teach Self-Discipline

Employees that regularly undertake intense exercise are likely to be more self-disciplined in the workplace. Exercise is all about setting goals, pushing through limits and overcoming what you thought was impossible, then doing it again. In that sense, exercise can have many parallels to business, helping to improve self-discipline and also offering skills that will transfer over to the workplace and improve results.

Employers see a measurable increase in productivity

Employees who return from workouts are more refreshed and are better focused on their jobs, to the point where there are measurable increases in performance. While this may not be a hugely surprising theory, there is hard evidence to back the claim up. A study recently presented to the American College of Sports Medicine showed that workers who spent anywhere from 30-60 minutes of their lunch break exercising reported an average performance boost of 15%. 
It’s undeniable, employees who exercise are happier and healthier, work harder and work smarter.
If you feel like your company could use a boost in overall performance, then help encourage your employees to work out with our Health Club and Wellbeing Scheme.


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