Income protection


Another benefit that make a big difference to your staff’s lives is Employee Income Protection Insurance. Nobody wants the worst to happen but if for any reason, your employee is not able to work because of injury or long-term illness, knowing that they can make ends meet really matters.


We’ve made sure that as part of our package you’ve got a comprehensive choice of some of the best employee income protection insurance schemes out there, so that whatever happens, your employee will still receive everything they’re entitled to under their employment contract for as long as they are incapacitated, or for a predefined period. And that’s peace of mind.

Why offer Employee Income Protection Insurance?

  • Show your employees you care in the event of them being debilitated and left unable to work

Benefits to organisations

  • Distinguish your company as an organisation that cares for its employees
  • Build a better relationship with your team and nurture greater loyalty

Benefits to employees

  • Give employees the peace of mind of knowing that if they are seriously injured, they will still be able to make ends meet