Total Reward Statements

So how do you explain to your employees what their benefits are really worth? Simple, with your Total Reward statements. They show your employees exactly what benefits are on offer, and what that really means to them in terms of value. And you’ll find that because the statements are so clear and easy to understand, your employees really get on board with what you’re offering.


Your Total Reward statement gives your employees a complete breakdown of what they receive. So it shows their basic salary plus any employer pension contributions, the value of a company car or allowance, private medical insurance (PMI), other insurance and protection products, shares, bonus payments, and the value of any other perks that are quantifiable.

You employees normally receive their Total Reward statements once a year so it’s a really easy way to keep them engaged and informed. And of course, the statements look like they come from you, whether you go for the print based or online version, with your logo and details. All written in nice, easy to understand language and with full support from us. Brilliantly simple but very effective.